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The Best Bachelorette Party in Madrid: Celebrate in Style at JUNGLEKING.

The bachelorette stage is unique and special in your life. What better way to celebrate it than with an unforgettable bachelorette party in Madrid? At JUNGLEKING, we'll show you why we're the perfect place for this very special event.🥰👰🏻🥂

A bride and her three friends at JUNGLEKING.

Exclusive Location in the Center of Madrid:

Discover an oasis in the heart of Madrid with JUNGLEKING, a magical place that will transport you to an exotic world full of adventures. Our meticulous decoration creates the perfect setting for a memorable celebration, designed to capture unforgettable memories and encourage sharing experiences on social media, especially on Instagram.

Exquisite Gastronomy:

One of the main reasons why JUNGLEKING is the ideal place for your bachelorette party in Madrid is our exquisite gastronomy. 😎🍽️💚 Delight your senses and satisfy your cravings with a high-quality menu prepared by our talented team of chefs. Both the bride and her friends can anticipate an exceptional culinary experience. 🌟💗

Picture of a Napkin with lips printed

Dreamy Brunch.

At JUNGLEKING, we believe that every special occasion deserves a special meal. That's why we offer a spectacular brunch with irresistible options:

Red Velvet Pancake:

Four red velvet pancakes with mascarpone cream, strawberries, mixed berries, red berry coulis, sugar, and mint. A delight for lovers of fresh and fruity flavors. 🍽️💝

Red Velvet Pancake

Nutella Pancake:

Two chocolate pancakes with Nutella, banana, strawberries, raspberries, vanilla ice cream, chocolate chips, sugar, and mint. An exceptional feast for chocolate and hazelnut lovers. 💗

Nutella Pancake

Personalized and Friendly Service:

At JUNGLEKING, we not only offer exceptional food but also personalized service that will make you feel special. 🥰👰🏻💝 Our friendly and attentive staff is committed to making your bachelorette party unforgettable, pampering and taking care of you and your friends at all times.

A group of friends and a bride at JUNGLEKING

JUNGLEKING stands out as the perfect place to celebrate a bachelorette party in Madrid.

At JUNGLEKING, you'll find everything you need to make your event unforgettable, from dazzling decoration to high-quality food and exceptional service. JUNGLEKING is the best restaurant for bachelorette parties in Madrid, don't hesitate to choose us! Get ready to capture every magical moment and experience the best bachelorette party in Madrid with us. 🌟💓

Haven't visited JUNGLEKING yet?

We're located in the center of Madrid, just a few steps from Plaza Mayor at Calle de Marqués Viudo de Pontejos 15. Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner in a relaxed ambiance or want to enjoy the city's best brunch on weekends, we await you with love, food for all tastes and budgets, and the royal service you deserve! 🍽️👑🦍🌴


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