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Brunch in Madrid, Spain: top 10 must-try spots to start your day.

In recent years, Madrid has embraced the delightful tradition of brunch. The City has seamlessly blended the charm of an English custom with the vibrancy of Spanish culture.

For those languid weekend mornings when time is abundant, brunch emerges as the undisputed champion of plans. Madrid has adopted this culinary voyage, offering a splendid prelude to a new day. The beauty of this experience lies in its delectable offerings and openness.

Join us on this journey to unveil the city's top brunch spots. Each spot promises a unique and experience that captures the essence of Madrid's culinary prowess.

Here is a helpful list of 10 must-try spots for brunch in Madrid, Spain.

1. JUNGLEKING - Food Monarchy

JUNGLEKING offers Madrid an experience that blends good prices, and a brunch menu as diverse as the rainforest, available all day long.

JUNGLEKING promises a gastronomic journey designed to delight even the most discerning palates. Its diverse brunch menu caters to a range of tastes and budgets, ensuring a satisfying experience for all. Step inside Jungle King's ambiance and immerse yourself in a lively blend of music and stunning decor. Here, these elements converge seamlessly, crafting an memorable dining experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

JUNGLEKING invites you to engage in a culinary trip to discover the best brunch in Madrid.

JUNGLEKING Brunch Menu delights.

Embark on a delectable journey as we unveil two culinary gems from the JUNGLEKING Brunch Menu.

Here is a sneak peek at the culinary delights that await you at JUNGLEKING.

Brunch JK for 1 Person (Everyday):

Experience a solo culinary escapade with the Brunch JK for 1 Person, priced at just 21€. Delight in Vegan Açai, Yogurt Granola and Fruits or a Fruit Salad to kickstart your gastronomic journey.

For the main course, choose between Croissant Carbonara, Classic Croissant, Eggs Benedict, or Avocado and Tomato Toast. Elevate your brunch with a French Toast, a Nutella Pancake, or a Classic Pancake.

Pair your meal with a cold beverage, whether orange juice, a mimosa, or the classic appeal of soft drinks. Conclude your solo brunch experience with a warm cup of coffee or tea.

Brunch JK promises a feast, offering a harmonious blend of flavors with each delightful selection.

Eggs Benedict:

Embark on a brunch journey with JUNGLEKING's Eggs Benedict for 8.9€.

Picture this: toasted bread forms the foundation for two poached eggs, their yolks ready to cascade in a velvety stream. Crowned with a luscious hollandaise sauce, each bite is a dance of rich and creamy textures. The ensemble reaches perfection with the addition of savory bacon, imparting a smoky essence. The combination of these elements creates a dish that satisfies the palate and elevates the brunch experience.

Super Pancakes | 14,9€

Super Nutella Pancake:

Delight in the decadence of the Super Nutella Pancake—a symphony of flavors that dances on the taste buds. Four luscious chocolate pancakes, smeared with creamy Nutella and crowned with slices of ripe banana and strawberries. The addition of raspberries, a scoop of smooth vanilla ice cream, and clouds of whipped cream elevate the ensemble. Adding some chocolate shavings gives a delightful richness. A sprinkle of sugar with a fresh mint sprig completes the dish beautifully. Each bite becomes a harmonious blend of chocolate bliss and fruity sweetness.

Super Red Velvet Pancake:

Elevate the brunch experience with the Super Red Velvet Pancake—a visual and culinary masterpiece. Four bright red velvet pancakes are the base of this delicious treat, which is decorated with a rich mascarpone cream. Fresh strawberries and a medley of red berries add bursts of color and natural sweetness. A scoop of vanilla ice cream completes the dish, and a drizzle of red berry coulis provides a tart note. Each bite becomes a voyage through layers of luxury, mixing the richness of red velvet with the freshness of berries.

Super Oreo Pancake:

Surrender to the sweet temptation of the Super Oreo Pancake—a treat for Oreo enthusiasts. Four fluffy pancakes serve as the canvas for a decadent masterpiece featuring a luscious mascarpone cream. Slices of banana, juicy strawberries, and a lot of crushed Oreos make up this dessert. It has a great mix of fruity tastes and a pleasant crunch. A dusting of sugar and a final touch of mint complete this heavenly creation. Every forkful has the ideal blend of creamy, crunchy, and sweet. It creates a symphony of textures and flavors that leaves the diner wanting more.

Don't Miss Out the Culinary Paradise at JUNGLEKING in Madrid!

JUNGLEKING delivers an unparalleled culinary experience where a reasonable price meets a diverse brunch menu. From the solo indulgence of Brunch JK for 1 Person to the symphony of flavors in the Eggs Benedict. Each bite at JUNGLEKING celebrates excellence, promising a great culinary journey.


2. Intercontinental Hotel

A delightful brunch experience in Madrid.

Known as the "Epitome of Brunch in Madrid Spain" their brunch experience has recently undergone a refreshing shift. However, the enchanting setting remains beneath the iconic dome of the hotel's main lobby. Here they have live music and an extensive selection of over two hundred gastronomic delights.

What can you find at the Intercontinental Hotel?

Among the latest additions is a vibrant health-centric corner. It offers vegan treats ranging from delectable burgers and vegetable skewers to various tartars, noodles, vegan tacos, and an assortment of hummus with crisp crudités. Guests can curate their own bowls on the spot, featuring superfoods like spirulina, açai, chia seeds, flax, and a selection of customizable smoothies.

Enhancing this experience is a station dedicated to international gastronomy. Along with the seasonal dishes, they serve delicious fish and meats like suckling pig and Wellington sirloin. and a diverse array of rice and paella options. Elevating the Sunday afternoon ambiance, a series of workshops awaits the younger attendees. In this workshops they can delve into floral arrangements and partake in traditional games. Besides, tehy can craft scrumptious waffles and pancakes with an array of toppings to choose from.

3. Carmencita Brunch

One of the most famous brunch spots in Madrid.

Carmencita Brunch emerges as a place for hipsters, food enthusiasts, and benevolent lovers of Eggs Benedict. Its brunch menu offers a variety of options catering to diverse tastes. Beesides, for those who prefer to relinquish decision-making, there's a perfectly curated set menu.

Carmencita Brunch arrived to Madrid in 2010, bringing an American brunch experience to the heart of Spain's capital. Over the years, it has evolved into one of the best brunch in Madrid.

Carmencita Brunch invites you to feel at home. They offer a quality brunch at an affordable price. Their menu includes vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free choices. The kitchen team works tirelessly to ensure dishes are served promptly because, when hunger strikes, there's no time to spare. It's a place where fast service meets notable taste. It makes Carmencita Brunch a go-to spot for a satisfying and swift brunch experience.

4. BrunchIt

Brunchit is a foodie temple. An atelier of magnificent brunches.

BRUNCHIT introduces a brunch concept born in Bali. This concept challenges the notion that brunch is reserved only for weekend mornings. They champion the 'Brunch All Day & Everyday' philosophy.

Here you can savor from artisanal coffees to vibrant tables with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables.

A diverse array of dishes awaits you, including the indulgent EGG Porn, featuring organic eggs Benedict on brioche with spinach, avocado, turkey, melted cheese, and hollandaise sauce.

Or you can also find the Naughty Salmon, a combination of sourdough toast, cucumber carpaccio, smoked salmon, and a homemade blend of cheese, dill, and lemon.

BRUNCHIT invites you to savor their diverse offerings. Their stylish setting redefines brunch in Madrid Spain as an experience for any time, every day of the week.


5. Adorado Bar

A place to have brunch whenever you want.

Adorado Bar stands as the perfect haven for indulging in a delightful brunch experience. For only 17 euros you can enjoy the complete brunch. This offer includes, among other treats, farm-fresh scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, and slices of rustic bread.

You can ask for your toast with dulce de leche to honor the Argentine spirit that makes this charming place what it is. An detail worth noting is that brunch is served all day, every day of the week. This is a compelling reason to make your way to Adorado Bar whenever the craving strikes.


6. Bendita Locura

A great choice if what you're looking for is a diverse menu.

Bendita Locura opens its doors for brunch enthusiasts every day of the week. It presents two tempting options: the complete 5-step Classic and the delightful 3-step Little. You have the chance to pair your brunch with a favorite cocktail chosen from a selection of five enticing options. It is widely regarded as one of the best brunch in Madrid, Spain. Bendita Locura showcases why it holds a well-deserved reputation among the best in the city.

7. Panela & CO

A memorable brunch experience in a casual and relaxed atmosphere.

Nestled in the upscale Salamanca neighborhood, Panela & Co stands as a beacon of health-conscious dining. Its intimate and cozy setting, however, means early arrival is a must to secure a coveted table.

Brunch enthusiasts can rejoice on Saturdays and special festival days from 10:00 to 17:00. The restaurant takes a well-deserved break on Sundays.

Diners can choose from two enticing brunch menus: The Brunch for "Mi" Please, priced at 19€, or The Detox Brunch for 22€. Or, explore the diverse offerings of the à la carte menu, where dishes range from 8€ to 14€.

Panela & CO promises a delightful fusion of health and indulgence. This place invites you to savor the flavors of mindful dining in the heart of Madrid.

Instagram: panelaandco

8. Coquetto Bar

If you are a lover of fine dining this is the place to go.

In Coquetto Bar, the spotlight belongs to the fresh ingredients. The dishes captivate with their simplicity—no disguises here. It's a cuisine rooted in authenticity. The raw materials are showcased in their most natural state, revealing an overwhelming genuineness.

Perusing the menu proves to be a delightful challenge. It's hard to choose between offerings like the listed red prawn, bullfighting sausages, or suckling lamb chops.

Adding a new dimension to their offerings, Coquetto Bar has introduced Sunday brunches. It has been an ingenious addition to Madrid's culinary scene. After months of trying to make perfect Benedict eggs but not quite getting it right, this new Sunday tradition at Coquetto Bar is a nice treat.

Instagram: coquettobar

9. Nubel

Where good food and music come together to bring a fulfilling experience.

NuBel stands out as one of the best brunch in Madrid. it is a fusion of a captivating menu and an inviting atmosphere. Brunch is served from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm, offering a delightful window to indulge in a leisurely morning feast. For those seeking an earlier start, the "Early Brunch" beckons before 11:00 am. You can make your brunch even better with a complimentary glass of cava.

The brunch menu at NuBel features an array of tempting dishes. From the delectable NuBel Pancakes and vegan Poké Bowl to the classic Eggs Benedict. They also offer an assortment of cocktails, including the Malfy’s Collins and the Bonanto Spritz.

NuBel beckons you to savor a brunch experience that combines culinary excellence with a stylish setting. making it a must-visit destination in the heart of Madrid.

Instagram: nubelmadrid

10. The Toast

Live an American experience in a cozy space.

The brunch at The Toast has earned its well-deserved reputation. For 19.90 euros, you can enjoy a first course, a second course, and a beverage.

The toasts are delicious, the huevos rancheros and the chicken and egg chilaquiles will leave you wanting more.

At The Toast, the culinary journey doesn't end with brunch. Here you can start your day with a hearty breakfast or indulge in a satisfying brunch. Also, you can savor a delightful afternoon snack, and conclude your day with a delicious dinner. Plus, beer enthusiasts can delight in a selection of rich and flavorful craft beers.

The Toast invites you try an experience that combines quality, taste, and a delightful culinary adventure.

Instagram: thetoastcafe

Ready to discover the Best Brunch in Madrid Spain at JUNGLEKING?

As you explore brunch spots in Madrid, make sure to visit JUNGLEKING. We promise, after you try it, it will become your top choice. A realm where affordability meets a diverse menu.

JUNGLEKING offers a culinary adventure that goes beyond the ordinary. With an atmosphere with captivating decor and a flavors, JUNGLEKING invites you to enjoy every moment. Immerse yourself in the heart of Madrid and celebrate the art of brunch at JUNGLEKING - Food Monarchy.

We await you with love!


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