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Enjoy a Pet-Friendly Restaurant in Madrid at JUNGLEKING.

If you're looking for an exceptional experience that includes dazzling jungle-themed decor and the opportunity to enjoy it in the company of your pet, JUNGLEKING is the perfect place for you. In Madrid, there are many options for brunch, but JUNGLEKING stands out by combining culinary quality, friendly service, and a unique atmosphere that will transport you straight to the jungle. Are you ready to immerse yourself in this brunch experience with your beloved pets? 💚👑🐶

Dreamy Decoration.

Every corner of JUNGLEKING has been meticulously designed to transport you to the vibrant tropical jungle. From exotic vegetation to stunning animal murals, each element has been carefully chosen to create an environment that will make you feel thousands of miles away from Madrid. The decor is so impressive that you'll be tempted to capture every moment in photos to share on your social media, especially on Instagram.Every visit to JUNGLEKING gives you the opportunity to create unforgettable memories and share them with friends and followers. 😎🍽️🌟

Picture of a Dog inside JUNGLEKING Restaurant
Nuestro amigo perruno Nacho, disfrutando en JUNGLEKING.

Pet-Friendly Restaurant in Madrid: A Brunch for Everyone, Even Your Furry Friends.

JUNGLEKING's commitment to animal friendliness is one of its highlights. Here, not only are you welcome, but so is your pet. Imagine enjoying a delicious brunch in the company of your loyal furry friend. At JUNGLEKING, you can not only indulge in exquisite food but also pamper your pet. Thanks to our cozy atmosphere and friendly attention to four-legged companions, your furry companion will feel right at home. 💚🐶

Picture of a dog inside JUNGLEKING Restaurant

Nacho Invites You to Explore the Jungle. 🐶😎🌴

Living proof that both humans and pets can enjoy this experience at a pet-friendly restaurant in Madrid is our beloved dog Nacho. He extends the invitation:

Greetings, everyone! I'm Nacho, and I want to share with you how exciting it is to visit JUNGLEKING. There are so many plants, colors, and new scents that every visit excites me. Plus, they treat me like a king, and I always have fresh water and delicious snacks. Furry friends, I recommend asking your loved ones to take you to JUNGLEKING. You won't regret it!

The Best Way to Enjoy Brunch in Madrid.

JUNGLEKING is not only pet-friendly but also known for offering one of the most delicious brunches in Madrid. Our fresh and delightful dishes will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more. Every bite is an explosion of flavors that will enrich your appreciation for Madrid's culinary diversity. 🤯🌟

JUNGLEKING is the perfect choice for enjoying brunch in Madrid that combines the beauty of nature with palate satisfaction. Our love for animals allows you to enjoy this moment in the company of your pet. 💚🍃👑🐶

Don't miss the opportunity to explore this culinary gem in Madrid and create unforgettable moments with your loved ones, including your cherished furry friends. JUNGLEKING is ready to provide you with an unforgettable brunch experience.

Picture of the inside of JUNGLEKING

Haven't visited JUNGLEKING yet?

We're located in the center of Madrid, just a few steps from Plaza Mayor at Calle de Marqués Viudo de Pontejos 15. Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner in a relaxed ambiance or want to enjoy the city's best brunch on weekends, we await you with love, food for all tastes and budgets, and the royal service you deserve! 🍽️👑🦍🌴


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