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The Best Brunch in Madrid: How to Reserve at JUNGLEKING.

If you're in Madrid in search of an exceptional culinary experience, look no further than JUNGLEKING Food Monarchy, formerly known as Amazonia Madrid Brunch. In this article, we'll show you how to make an online reservation at JUNGLEKING and why this is the best way to secure a spot at this top-notch restaurant in Madrid. 😎🌴🍽️

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Where Can You Access the Reservation Option for JUNGLEKING?

Booking a table at JUNGLEKING is a straightforward and convenient process, thanks to our partnership with "The Fork." You can access the online reservation option through various channels:

  • Our Google Listing: If you search for "JUNGLEKING Madrid" on Google, you'll find our profile. With just one click on the "Reserve" button, you'll be redirected to the reservation process on "The Fork."

  • Our TripAdvisor Account: JUNGLEKING takes pride in being the best restaurant in Madrid according to TripAdvisor. You'll also find the online reservation option with "The Fork" on our TripAdvisor profile.

  • Our Facebook Account: If you're a social media enthusiast, visit our Facebook page. There, you'll find the "Reserve" button that will take you to the reservation process on "The Fork."

  • Our Website: Of course, you can visit our official website at, on the homepage, you'll find the "Reserve" option that will directly lead you to "The Fork."

Advantages of Reserving in Advance.

Booking online at JUNGLEKING offers you the convenience of securing your spot to enjoy the best brunch in Madrid. By making a prior reservation, you can avoid unnecessary waits and plan your visit with peace of mind. Our top priority is to provide the best gastronomic experience, and online booking is a secure way to guarantee your place in our culinary jungle.💚🍃🦍👑

A Unique Experience in the Jungle.

At JUNGLEKING, food quality and friendly service are essential. Every corner of our restaurant is designed to transport you to the jungle and offer you an unforgettable experience. Our menu combines international influences with Spanish touches that will delight your palate. 🍽️🌟

If you're a brunch enthusiast, JUNGLEKING is the perfect place. Our brunch extends endlessly in terms of time and quantity, from eggs benedict with their extras in the morning until midnight. Additionally, we offer a fixed menu for only 16.5 euros per person, including waffles, yogurt with granola, savory and sweet pancakes, among other delights.

Don't Miss Out on the Best Brunch in Madrid.

JUNGLEKING Food Monarchy is the best restaurant in Madrid to enjoy an exceptional brunch.The most convenient way to reserve a table at this renowned restaurant in Madrid is through online booking with "The Fork." Visit our profile on Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook, or our website and make your reservation!

Two woman sitting at JUNGLEKING restaurant

Haven't visited JUNGLEKING yet?

We're located in the center of Madrid, just a few steps from Plaza Mayor at Calle de Marqués Viudo de Pontejos 15. Whether you're looking for a romantic dinner in a relaxed ambiance or want to enjoy the city's best brunch on weekends, we await you with love, food for all tastes and budgets, and the royal service you deserve! 🍽️👑🦍🌴


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